Removed Playfield Items

IMG_2193-1Today I removed all of the posts and plastics on the playfield. I put each section into a Ziploc bag to keep track of them. For instance, all of the rollover guides and their posts went into one bag.

Several of the plastic posts and guides are discolored and will need to be replaced. That’s roughly $30 in parts if I use new-style star posts. If I use the old-style ribbed posts, that will cost somewhere around $40.

IMG_2197-1In the pictures above, you can see a couple of other issues. It seems that most of the lamp sockets have some sort of corrosion on them. Not sure why this is except that the machine may have been exposed to a lot of moisture over the years. This may be a side effect of having a machine for 28 years with original equipment. Most of the sockets work fine, so I’m not going to consider replacement unless the socket affects the voltage to the lamp.

IMG_2194-1The playfield needs help. I’ve been doing research on restoring a playfield in this condition. Instead of outright buying a new playfield, I’m going to try some of the advice I’ve found online. It may help with the “painted” faces and other cracked paint areas. For places like the missing paint near the arrow inserts, that’ll need some touch up. No estimate on this stuff yet.


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