Waxed Playfield

IMG_2789-1 IMG_2791-1After a month of conferences and other assorted crap, I finally had a chance to focus on the machine. It took me a good two to three weeks of scrubbing the playfield, but I got it marginally clean. It’s never going to look like it did brand new, but it looks better than it did. See the shine on the “special when lit” area?

You can see in the photo on the right that the faces are MUCH whiter than they were. However, you can also see that the wear was pretty severe on the right side.

I’ve taken out all of the machine’s lights, and removed the pop bumpers for the waxing. Didn’t really have any problem with the wax job, but it will need a regular waxing every year. If it gets regular play, then every four months.


What do you think?

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