Job Hunt

Almost immediately after deciding to quit the Air Force, my attention turned to finding a job to replace it.

My first decision was whether or not I should continue to work for the government. My only other options would be to work for corporate America again or go into business for myself.

I’ve worked for corporate America before (thanks to CNN and Paramount). I currently run a travel agency but not to the levels of being independent.

So, I decided I would go ahead and try to find a government job. The second decison? What kind of job should I get?

I’ve been doing public relations for nearly six years now, which is quite different from the television and radio production I did for the decade prior. Still, I’ve been able to integrate some of that broadcast experience into my public relations experience to help further my efforts in communicating the Air Force story.

I thought that my best efforts at finding a job would be to search for another public relations position. The trick in a tough job market is to not be so picky. The jobs are out there, but you can’t insist on only accepting a position in the town you live in. If I did that, I would be unemployed for years. A wise professor once told me that you have to go where the jobs are. Not bad advice.

I use USAJobs to search for these PR jobs in government. If there’s one thing the government needs is a good communicator. Every now and then, I see some bonehead in PR get in front of a camera and try to make some sort of excuses about something instead of handling issues the right way. I’m looking at you, BP. Obviously, the government is guilty of this, too.

Anyway, I would like to continue being one of those boneheads. It pays well.

So, I’m really close to locking in one job, and should I get that offer letter in my hand, I’ll be moving to Washington, D.C. in mid-August.

More to come…


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