Taking Road Show for a Test Drive

IMG_0078For the past several days, I’ve been evaluating the pinball machine trying to figure out what it does well, and what it isn’t doing well at all.

IMG_0079The good news is that the two talking dummies on the playfield work perfectly. The eyes move, eyelids close, and mouths open. Having all that work is not common.

The bad news is that the machine has more cosmetic damage than mechanical/electrical damage. It was an export version, which was clearly exposed to the sun in a humid environment. The cabinet decals are all color-faded, and some of the metal parts in the game have a bit of rust on them.

Of the problems I have initially identified, some of them were easily fixed.

  1. Two of the General Illumination strings would not light. I fixed this by replacing two fuses on the WPC Power Driver Board, which manages the electrical system in the game.
  2. One of the Bridge Out lights was constantly on. It turns out that a prior owner of the machine had hooked that particular lamp up to the GI circuit. Coincidentally, the GI lamp that provided light to Red’s face was blinking when the Bridge Out light was supposed to be on. I swapped the connectors to the lamps, and it started working properly.
  3. I replaced a few of the burnt lamps in the game while I tested the electrical system.

Other items that need attention…

  1. Replace the LX-4 export ROM with the current L-6 programming for the US.
  2. The coin door is rusted out, and the service buttons are broken. No coin mechs, either. Needs replacement.
  3. The lockdown bar has some random holes in it. It will need to be replaced.
  4. The Start City light comes on when certain other lights are activated. This might be a Power Driver Board issue.
  5. Ramp flaps… rusted
  6. Old pinballs installed. Need four new ones.
  7. Ted’s face isn’t secured… broken plastic around screw hole.
  8. Playfield wear around start city hole and where the ball ejects from the hole.
  9. Dirty playfield and dirty plastics
  10. Diverter solenoid spring broken
  11. Cracked and dirty rubbers
  12. Dirty translite
  13. No power cord plate
  14. Missing nylon feet for cabinet back.
  15. Rusted legs and leg levelers
  16. Rusted leg bolts
  17. “Kansas City” on the 28-lamp PCB won’t light, and it isn’t a socket problem.
  18. The knocker is missing.
  19. Both ball shooter assemblies are in various states of rust.
  20. Helmet decals are dirty and peeling.
  21. Cashbox is missing.

So, this is clearly going to be a project that will keep me busy for a while. I have lots of parts coming to my house before Thanksgiving, so I think I’ll have lots of stuff to work on while my family strangles one another.

More to come…


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