Updating the Software

IMG_0100While my dad was in town, I brought him down to the basement so we could do some work on the machine. Sadly, the only thing we accomplished was updating the game software from revision LX-4 (an export version) to L-6 (the most current domestic version).

Changing this chip out is pretty easy. Use a flathead screwdriver to gently pry the old chip out. Pop in new chip. That’s it.

When I turned on the machine to check that the chip software was working properly, I was slightly terrified.

IMG_0101As soon as the dot matrix display came on, the left half of the screen was faded out. Check out this picture.

It turns out that the connector on the bottom of the display providing the power was slightly loose. In reseating the display portion of the backglass, the connector slipped resulting in the problem.

Once I firmly reconnected that wiring harness back to the board, it began working again.

We spent the rest of the day troubleshooting that “Start City” lamp that seems to come on when other lamps lamps are powered. Still haven’t figured that one out, but I’m close.


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