Updating the Software

While my dad was in town, I brought him down to the basement so we could do some work on the machine. Sadly, the only thing we accomplished was updating the game software from revision LX-4 (an export version) to L-6 (the most current domestic version). Changing this chip out is pretty easy. Use a... Continue Reading →


Taking Road Show for a Test Drive

For the past several days, I’ve been evaluating the pinball machine trying to figure out what it does well, and what it isn’t doing well at all. The good news is that the two talking dummies on the playfield work perfectly. The eyes move, eyelids close, and mouths open. Having all that work is not... Continue Reading →

On the Road with Road Show

Today, I drove from the DC area to Southern New Jersey to pick up a machine I had been looking for since 2006... “Road Show.” I’m a big fan of pinball machines designed by Pat Lawlor. He designed what is arguably the best pinball machine of the modern age... Twilight Zone. It’s nearly impossible to... Continue Reading →

KISS is finally ready to rock!

Well, two weeks ago, I finally figured out the source of my power problems... a very obscured shorted out wire. After resolving the short and resoldering a few solenoids, the power problem went away. To my amazement, all my other switch and lighting problems went away at the same time. Today I replaced the flippers,... Continue Reading →

Waxed Playfield

After a month of conferences and other assorted crap, I finally had a chance to focus on the machine. It took me a good two to three weeks of scrubbing the playfield, but I got it marginally clean. It’s never going to look like it did brand new, but it looks better than it did.... Continue Reading →

Removed Playfield Items

Today I removed all of the posts and plastics on the playfield. I put each section into a Ziploc bag to keep track of them. For instance, all of the rollover guides and their posts went into one bag. Several of the plastic posts and guides are discolored and will need to be replaced. That’s... Continue Reading →

LED Display issues

This particular display is showing signs of segment failure. See the second digit and the last digit? That’s no camera trick. There are also random dots through the second, third and sixth digits. A replacement unit will cost about $40 from PinLED.

Light bulb replacement

Several lamps in the machine are blown. Additionally, the lamps burn so hot that soot appears to rise from each lamp socket. See the black streaks? Solution here is to replace all the lamps in the machine with 47’s instead of the factory 44’s. This is a common replacement because the 47’s don’t burn nearly... Continue Reading →

Burnt connectors

One of the things I first noticed about the machine was that none of the feature lights would come on. That generally indicates a problem with the light driver board. Fortunately, when I opened the backbox, I noticed this burnt connector. When I jiggled it a little, the lights came on. Some of them were... Continue Reading →

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